Dastardly Deed


Dastardly Deed is a romantic-suspense novel about Helena, a woman victimized by a scam artist, who adopts Rowan, a young boy victimized by a foster guardian, and brings him to live with her at her dilapidated fishing resort in the Canadian Rockies. They form a bond—but one frayed by the boy’s obsession, as he grows into a strikingly handsome man, with gaining revenge against the scam artist, and also gaining money and power while building the resort into a world-class vacation spot. So angry does Helena become at Rowan’s changing values that she wills the resort not to him, but to Holly, a long-lost niece. It is Holly who ultimately teaches Rowan about life, love, and the aspects of humanity that are truly important.

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Proceeds from the purchase of this book support McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association (Calgary) So when you purchase the book and learn more about youth mental health issues you’re supporting a good cause. If you would like to make additional direct donations I encourage you to learn more about this nonprofit organization. Here is their donations link. https://www.mcmancalgary.ca/index.html Thank you for your support.” Fran L. Porter Author