The Happiest Place in the World


Meet Rowan, a charming, adventurous, fun-seeking little boy, who just happens to be a prince! Prince Rowan’s ideal vision for each day includes an abundance of play, fun and laughter. Unfortunately, his loving and overprotective parents have a different idea about how their son will spend his days. Keeping Prince Rowan safe at all costs, as he will be heir to the throne one day, is their number one priority. In this vibrant, delightful and humorous story, discover how Prince Rowan takes his days into his own hands and pursues an adventure that he feels will bring him ultimate happiness. This heart-warming and relatable story encourages children, parents and teachers to think about topics such as the significance of finding joy and happiness inside of ourselves, the value of connection with others, and, of course, the importance of friendship!

Michelle Page Deleau (Author), Bonnie Lemaire (Illustrator)

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